Private Office


Workplace Collections & Systems

Workplace Collections and Systems are the principal way to shape space in the office. They determine grouping, density, circulation and connection to the building services.

The fundamental attributes by which to evaluate an open plan furniture platform range on three performance variables – enclosure, reconfigurability and technology – which can be prioritized based on organizational needs and goals.

Adding to your Prestige !!

Good Quality Tables that help you concentrate, give comfort & lets you focus in your work area.
Larger than regular Tables, we have executive tables with highly constructed class, in number of different styles including different shapes, woods, steel and glass finishes, sturdy enough to fit any space and any budget. Be it required in any shape or configuration, to suit any of your existing decor's be it Modern or Traditional we have it all. Available with many built in features these tables are sure to make your work life easier. Tables that provide lot of space for computers, files, writing area and other related sorts of work are available.