Workstation Desk

FFT Workstations are  collection of desks, cabinets, windows and walls that reinterprets systems furniture. FFT combines the attributes of classic furniture with the functionality of systems, making efficient use of smaller footprints.


FFT echoes the work of mid-century modernists who designed office furniture with characteristically low, horizontal lines. The elegant architectural furniture of this period had a remarkable transparency achieved by elevated cabinets, overlapping surfaces and a refined scale. FFT uses and reinterprets these elements for the modern office.

FFT is also influenced by modern European residential furniture, characterized by a light, floating presence and compact dimensions. The use of natural veneers, glass, painted wood construction and anodized aluminum reflect these inspirations and brings the look and feel of furniture to the open plan.


22 January 2015


Workstation Desk


Executive Office, Workstation
Workstation Desk